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Search taxonomy is becoming very important in search engine optimization.  Using a recent study, Bill goes into detail on the types of searches that are done and how to implement them in your content.  Knowing how users find your business and what they are looking for can help with ad and SEO campaigns.  Marketing is a key factor for any online business.   If you are starting out or need to revamp your website check out our new Solopreneur Package. –  WST

By: Bill Slawski

There are creative ways that a small business may use to help visitors find them online, engage those visitors and customers, and keep them coming back. The Small Business Administration has a article that describes some ways that many businesses can use to promote their business in 15 Foolproof Ideas for Promoting Your Company. The article offers ideas like holding contests, or publishing a newsletter, offering demonstrations and seminars and more. Many of those ideas can work well in an online setting.

When you create content for an ecommerce site, it also can help to think about more than just how you may present the products or goods that you offer on your pages. Many ecommerce sites on the web simply break products own into categories, and provide very little beyond a listing of those products and brief descriptions about them.

Understanding how people may search for what you have to offer can be really important, especially if you hope to have visitors find you through search engines. It can be a key to finding creative ways to bring people to your site who might be interested in what you have to offer.

Different Intents Behind Searches

It can be helpful to understand that when people search, they often have different purposes in mind. When someone from one of the major search engines writes about these different purposes, they often refer to them as “user intent.”

Some people may want to learn about a topic, or to buy something, or to learn how to do something for free. Since many visitors may arrive at a web site through a search engine, it helps to know about different types of queries that a searcher may use to find your site. So, an important way of thinking about queries is to consider the intent behind them.

A convenient way of breaking down queries into different types is described in a paper written by search engineer Andrei Broder, who classifies the intent behind queries down into navigational, transactional, and informational, in the paper A taxonomy of web search (pdf)

Informational Queries – The web is much more than just a commercial space, filled with marketing and commerce. It’s a medium where people can communicate with each other, share ideas, learn about a world of topics, find and offer advice, and explore other countries and cultures and communities. Many people who do go online with some kind of commercial intent do so to save money rather than spend it, often looking for ways to do things themselves. People who may want to buy something may be looking for information that can help them make an informed decision before they decide to make a purchase.

Navigational Queries
– A navigational query is one in which a searcher is attempting to find a specific page or site that they have visited before, or have assumed likely exists on the Web. For example, if I want to visit the pages of the American Psychological Association, I might type [apa] into a search box, hoping that the top search result might be the home page for the organization. The major commercial search engines have even been trying to help people who perform navigation type queries by attempting to associate certain query terms with sites that may be ideal destinations for those queries. The search engines may even offer additional links under a listing for those sites, referred to as site links or quicklinks, which may help lead searchers to pages within a site that they may be interested in ending up at on those sites.

Transactional Queries – Transactional queries are ones in which a searcher may not have a specific site in mind, but they want to perform or complete some kind of task online, such as accessing and searching a database about a topic, being entertained interactively, downloading a video, making a purchase, or interacting with the site or others in some way. If you offer goods or services to consumers or to other businesses, you’ll want to be found by the people who are looking for what you have to offer and want to interact with you.

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    Clickset and Your Online Identity.

    Clickset is a new tool that helps you keep your online identity in one convenient place. Once you sign-up you can connect with your pre-existing accounts like Google and Yahoo.

    For more reading and information, here is an article from

    Cliqset Wants to Unify Your Social Identities

    March 10th, 2009 | by Jennifer Van Grove

    Previously hidden away behind closed doors, Cliqset, a social identity platform, is drawing back their curtains today and opening up their beta site to the public. Similar in purpose to the private beta site, Cliqset’s ultimate goal is to help users connect their online identities in one place so they can then safely share that online social identity with Cliqset-aware applications.

    Cliqset even claims to be the last social identity you will ever need. After signing up, new Cliqset members can connect their Cliqset identity with their pre-existing Google, Plaxo, and Yahoo accounts, which means those contacts can be pulled into Cliqset and grouped into relationships. Read more.

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    Build Brand Identity on Twitter

    If you are seeking the most effective way to build your brand identity on Twitter to increase traffic to your site, then The Web Success Team recommends this great article.

    25 Power Tips To Build Brand Identity on Twitter

    Posted by Web Strategist ShriNagesh November 15, 2008

    By The results of your social media networking depends on what you want to achieve with the time you invest on social media. If you have specific objectives, chalk out a plan before you get started.

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    A Makeover for Your Un-Sexy Product

    Let’s say you are selling a product that should be doing better but instead could be putting people to sleep. How do you create a buzz and revitalize interest and sales? Here are a few “sexy” tips.

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    Happy New Year from the Web Success Team

    Brand your company in 2009

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    Is the Bad Economy Bringing Branding Back?

    It’s great to be reminded that branding your online business has the potential to keep your company running through the current recession. The Web Success Team found this article helpful:

    So, here at SES Chicago, I keep hearing about a marketing practice I thought was dead – BRANDING. After all, aren’t conversions, ROI, data, analytics and landing page testing/optimization the name of the day?

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    Selling Patriotism and Product:

    Team Launches Pat Boone’s Niche Marketing Website

    Last week, the Web Success Team launched a new direct response niche marketing website for legendary music icon Pat Boone. For My Country is the title of a unique historical DVD about the National Guard, documenting its service to the nation from the Revolutionary War to Iraq.

    Patriotism, Value and Excitement
    The focus of this site is to pay tribute to the Guard by telling its story in the For My Country DVD and to donate a portion of the
    proceeds to the veterans. The online branding and development of this niche marketing site includes descriptions of the products, supporting testimonials, a video trailer preview, an audio by Pat Boone, an endorsement by the well respected Dove Foundation for family entertainment, and a donation to the Paralyzed Veterans of America with each purchase. This niche site offers the visitor a clear, concise message, patriotic branding, exciting value with bonus material, and a bundled product offer along with celebrity endorsements and charitable contributions. Visitors landing on the site should get a real sense of patriotism, value and excitement.

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