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Google Local Can Help You Gain Marketshare in Your Business Today

Small businesses need to wake up and get a website and market online.  Even if you don’t have a website or aren’t ready for one, you can still use online marketing to boost your business.  Google Local, also known as Google Maps, is a great way to get started.  Index your business with Google, that way someone in your neighborhood looking for your products and services can easily find you. –  WST

By:  Laura Lake,

When people search for the specialty that your business represents, do you show up in Google? Have you tried Googling either products that you sell or services that you offer lately? Did you show up on the front page of local search within Google? If not, you won’t want to miss this tip.

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Clickset and Your Online Identity.

Clickset is a new tool that helps you keep your online identity in one convenient place. Once you sign-up you can connect with your pre-existing accounts like Google and Yahoo.

For more reading and information, here is an article from

Cliqset Wants to Unify Your Social Identities

March 10th, 2009 | by Jennifer Van Grove

Previously hidden away behind closed doors, Cliqset, a social identity platform, is drawing back their curtains today and opening up their beta site to the public. Similar in purpose to the private beta site, Cliqset’s ultimate goal is to help users connect their online identities in one place so they can then safely share that online social identity with Cliqset-aware applications.

Cliqset even claims to be the last social identity you will ever need. After signing up, new Cliqset members can connect their Cliqset identity with their pre-existing Google, Plaxo, and Yahoo accounts, which means those contacts can be pulled into Cliqset and grouped into relationships. Read more.

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The New Rules of Marketing & PR

Posted by Jessica on Nov 4th, 2008

Several of the TopRank Online Marketing team attended a Social Media Breakfast last Friday, along with about 150 local business leaders, code warriors, internet marketers, agency peeps and social media enthusiasts, to hear a presentation by David Meerman Scott, author of “The New Rules of Marketing & PR”. TopRank CEO Lee Odden posted a short write up and video interview with Scott as well.

David started his presentation with an impromptu survey, asking the audience to respond with a show of hands to questions like:

  • How many of you have been to a tradeshow as a participant, not an exhibitor, in the last year? (very few people in the room raised their hands)
  • How many of you have responded to a Direct Marketing piece in the last year? (very few people in the room raised their hands)
  • How many of you have seen an advertisement, either magazine or TV, and made a call or purchase based on the advertisement? (again, very few show of hands in an overly packed room)
  • Now, how many of you have done a search on Google to find answers or information about a product? (almost everyone in the room raised their hands to answer this question)
  • How many of you have reached out to your network for answers, either by using Facebook, LinkedIn, or other online venues? (about 95% of the room raised their hands). Read more

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A day in the life of webmaster support

Behind the scenes at Google. Sounds like fun. I noticed they all seem to be using Macs. That made my day.

Follow Googler Maile Ohye as she goes through her day at Webmaster Central, our one-stop shop for webmaster support and resources. Check out interviews with Googlers such as Matt Cutts, Michael Wyszomierski, Reid Yokoyama, Jonathan Simon and Evan Tang.

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Matt Cutts answers Google questions: – Which is more important: search engine optimization (SEO) or end user optimization?

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