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Why Get Press Release Writing Services?

For most SEO service providers, press release writing services are some of the most neglected of all that they offer. It’s not something that people often get, with many preferring more ‘mainstream’ services like link building. But press releases can be just as effective as any article, and can tie in just as well to your online marketing strategy – if you know how to use it, that is.

What’s a Press Release?

Press releases are essentially short informative articles. Think of your typical marketing articles, make them a bit shorter, add a dash of journalistic writing styles and you’d get a pretty good idea of what press releases look and sound like.

Despite the differences in style, press releases are very similar to good old articles when it comes to using them for marketing. Both are great mediums for informing people about something, both can be used as a context for link building and – most importantly – both can be used to beef up the content on your site.

Not Your Regular SEO Copywriting

Style is the fundamental difference between regular article writing and real press release writing services. There’s a particular template and feel to be achieved for press releases, and that can only be had if the writer knows what he or she is doing. That said, you have to be a little pickier with the professional SEO company you’re working with if you want to incorporate press releases in your SEO.

If you’re the type who regularly requests for sample writing from potential service providers, don’t stop now. Ask specifically for samples from the company’s previous press release writing projects so that you can see how its writers work with a real case. That’s because some companies don’t make much of a distinction between regular marketing articles and press release writing, and that could spell a wasted investment on your part.

When you’re considering press release writing services from different professional SEO companies, look at the style and feel of the writing first. A well-written press release should use concise language, a mildly impersonal tone and more journalistic than usual style. Most professional SEO companies who have been in the business for some time should know how to pull it off for you.

Making the Most of Press Releases

Press releases are also used in a slightly different way than regular marketing articles, and you have to make sure that this is something your service provider knows about. Directories are commonly the default destination for marketing articles; after all, that’s the main purpose of the directories. A press release, meanwhile, would look awkward and out of place in a regular article directory.

Most of the time, your press releases would better fit the context of a news site or a news aggregator that really deals with news from all over the Internet. Remember, part of the rationale behind a press release is to make your company look important and newsworthy. Getting your press release on an actual news site only strengthens that impression.

There are a good number of differences between regular article marketing and promotion with the use of press releases. Quiz your service provider about the difference to see if you can expect quality output from them.

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