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Beware of Coming On Too Strong On LinkedIn

People are people not objects. Social media is about relationship building and trust in whose delivering the information. Be sincere and helpful, be active and participate, give more than you get and you will develop a following and be in a better position to benefit from others needs. – Web Success Team

How NOT to network in LinkedIn

By Doron Gez

We wrote here about LinkedIn’s groups, and how to network through them. An associate of mine told me that it didn’t work for him. When I asked him why, I understood his that he came in too strong by putting a link immediately after joining. This was considered spamming, and he paid the price. Here’s a lesson for all of us.

Joining a LinkedIn group gives you the opportunity to communicate with other members of the group and also to post your content there. My associate was thrilled to find another place to put links to his site.

While this can indeed be a nice platform for receiving quality traffic, from a well targeted group of professionals, this approach doesn’t always satisfy the group administrators. Read more

Source: Social Media Today


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