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I have now been an active twitter for over 2 years. I am always suprised to find out who indeed is spending all this time reading and following tweets. This article below has some of of those answers. Read on:

When You Twitter – Do You Know Who is Listening? (And, will it help your conversion optimization efforts?)

by Raquel Hirsch and Chris Goward

In the current mad frenzy rush to all-things-Twitter, one data point seems to be missing from the 140-character discussion: Who is Twittering? And, similarly, who is out there ‘listening’ to your Tweets?

The Twittersphere is exploding.

According to an analysis of February data by comScore blogger Sarah Radwanick, over the past several months, comScore has been watching how quickly traffic to Twitter has exploded:

  • Worldwide visitors to Twitter approached 10 million in February, up an impressive 700+% vs. year ago.
  • The past two months alone have seen worldwide visitors climb more than 5 million visitors.
  • U.S. traffic growth has been just as dramatic, with Twitter reaching 4 million visitors in February, up more than 1,000% from a year ago.

But what are the demographics of Twitter users?

Well, marketing friends, it seems that we are in for a surprise.

Twitter Followers are older than you think

According to Reuters blogger Alexei Oreskovic, while Twitter “has the fast-growing microblogging service has all the earmarks of a young person’s pastime” Twitter devotees are grayer than you might expect:

The majority of Twitter’s roughly 10 million unique Web site visitors worldwide in February were 35 years old or older.

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