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ElectricArtists Produces Directory of Brands on Twitter – MarketingVOX

ElectricArtist is now following major brands on Twitter. In the article below by MarketingVox, Twitter seems to have become the new “it” tool for all marketeers and congressmen alike.

However, I would welcome some personal feedback and case studies from users out there that have seen a substantial ROI or business changes by using Twitter for their brand, Anyone? Read article below.

ElectricArtists Produces Directory of Brands on Twitter

Brand management firm ElectricArtists launched Trackingtwitter, a site that tracks media, entertainment and consumer product accounts on the microblogging site.

Trackingtwitter follows Zappos, Whole Foods, Starbucks, Jet Blue and Comcast, among others. It broadcasts the category (“sports,” “television,” etc.), the companies’ Twitter usernames, number of followers, most recent tweet and any personal notes ElectricArtists’ team has gathered about them.

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