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Don’t Worry About Duplicate Content If You Have An Authority Content Web Site

By B Hopkins

The duplicate content issue has gone back and forth on the Internet for the last several years now. There are camps that have been saying that your web site will be penalized if you have duplicate content, to the camps that are saying your web site won’t gain any benefit if it has duplicate content on it, to those that say that you shouldn’t worry about it at all. With all of these opinions flying around over the Internet, which camp should you pitch your tent in?

The basic answer is there really is no duplicate content penalty outside of your own web site. There are undesirable side effects in the search engines if your website has duplicate pages, however this article focuses on duplicate content between 2 different websites. Your web site may not benefit much if you have duplicate content (duplicate content means that your entire web page content is basically the same as another web page). However there are ways to use content on your website that is used on other web sites and not have it look like duplicate content to the search engines, but that is another article. If you don’t want to worry about duplicate content in any way shape or form, then having an authority content web site is the way to go. Read more.

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