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“2009 Google Flash SEO”

Brian Ussery has completed some testing on Google new Flash indexing capabilities, and shared his results at beu blog.

This could be incredibly important in improving traffic to the content itself, which we have not spent nearly enough focus on yet.

2009 Google Flash SEO

October 13th, 2008 – by Brian Ussery

In case you missed their recent announcement about Flash, Google and Adobe have teamed up on a new algorithm to index text content in Flash. As a result of the new algorithm for Flash, Googlebot now indexes “textual content in SWF files of all kinds” and extracts URLs embeded in Flash.” On July 1, 2008, Google rolled out another update designed to assist Googlebot in its ability to traverse simple JavaScript, like SWFObject. While the full impact is not yet known, these technologies will redefine how Flash sites are created, constructed, designed and, as a result, optimized.

Before discussing the results of my case studies and how to optimize an actual scenario Flash site, it’s important to understand some crucial background information.

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  1. Great post….keep it up with good posts.

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