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The Slingshot Effect! Web Success Team Launches New Client W

Find out how to brand and market a direct response website. Kathleen Wood Partners LLC is a growth strategist firm for leaders and businesses. As a leader in her field, Kathleen Wood, founder and CEO, commissioned the Web Success Team to build and market her new corporate website as a launching pad for her firm’s consultancy practice.

Branded for the Right Result
Branding was central to the marketing process. First by determining the firm’s unique selling proposition (USP) — developing and implementing a strategic planning process to accelerate growth and profits – measured in months not years, the Web Success Team was able to create the foundation of the site. An important part of the branding mix was to utilize Kathleen and her well-deserved reputation as an anchor on the home page. Therefore, we designed a logo to reinforce the growth concept.

Divide and Conquer
The site is also subdivided into portals to assist the visitor with instant recognition of the scope and breadth of the firm’s services. Again with the USP front and center along with benefits oriented content, the visitor can make informed choices when navigating the site. There is also a direct response opt-in feature that offers a newsletter and a sure-fire downloadable free report in return for each email capture, as well as access to an interactive Ask Kathleen feature and a viral link to recommend the site to colleagues.

Because there are multiple components of the practice, the best view was to create two navigation bars – one across the top, below the header and a vertical nav bar on the right column under Kathleen’s image. This second navigation component underscores the value of directly connecting Kathleen with her firm’s range of services. While the reader is viewing the site, they should feel that Kathleen is making a connection with the visitor — in essence a two-way mirror.

The Home Page Says it All

Planning a website, particularly the home page is a key element in the success of a site. If visitors don’t connect with the site in the first few seconds, they become passersby, not potential customers. Moreover, if the site promotes clarity of purpose to help companies move to the next level, it better deliver on its promise. The interior pages should augment the home page and again promote the firm’s services in greater detail — all with the ultimate goal of having the visitor be motivated to action — give up their email (for future marketing outreach), Ask a pressing strategic question, and/or directly contact the firm to secure a consultation — leading to a productive business relationship.

The TEAM will also be marketing the site and the firm both online and offline. Please stay tuned for our next article on the “Marketing of KWoodPartners” throughout the Internet to generate site traffic.

The TEAM is available to discuss your web development and marketing needs. Simply contact the TEAM at (818) 222-5643 or email To Your Web Success!

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