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Selling Patriotism and Product:

Team Launches Pat Boone’s Niche Marketing Website

Last week, the Web Success Team launched a new direct response niche marketing website for legendary music icon Pat Boone. For My Country is the title of a unique historical DVD about the National Guard, documenting its service to the nation from the Revolutionary War to Iraq.

Patriotism, Value and Excitement
The focus of this site is to pay tribute to the Guard by telling its story in the For My Country DVD and to donate a portion of the
proceeds to the veterans. The online branding and development of this niche marketing site includes descriptions of the products, supporting testimonials, a video trailer preview, an audio by Pat Boone, an endorsement by the well respected Dove Foundation for family entertainment, and a donation to the Paralyzed Veterans of America with each purchase. This niche site offers the visitor a clear, concise message, patriotic branding, exciting value with bonus material, and a bundled product offer along with celebrity endorsements and charitable contributions. Visitors landing on the site should get a real sense of patriotism, value and excitement.

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