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Web Marketing: If You Don’t Know About SEO, Start With Pre-SEO

Great article. Doing your homework before hiring an SEO company is essential.


Web-savvy people, close your eyes. This is a definition of SEO, “search engine optimization,” for the average Jennifer (or Jason).

SEO is a group of “internet things” you can do to help people find your website when they are looking for your subject, service or product, all without buying ads to send them there.  These “internet things” are mostly words you put on your website, or in its code. And sometimes on other websites too.

After this, explanations of SEO get very techy very fast.  So I’m getting you warmed up for SEO with pre SEO.

I’m making up the term Pre SEO. Here’s my definition. Pre SEO is three things you can do, all by yourself, to start thinking in an SEO direction, to get ready for the real thing. Read more.

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  1. Vladimir says:

    What forum or blog you read that to know about seo more?

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